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Blackboard @ Duquesne

Blackboard is a web-based learning management system (LMS) designed to support fully online and hybrid courses and supplement face-to-face courses. Duquesne has been using Blackboard since 1998 for teaching and learning, program support, collaboration and research, and much more. Blackboard provides many types of tools and features to enhance teaching and learning efforts for faculty and students.

Extending the capabilities of Blackboard are the following Blackboard Building Block partners available to students, faculty, and programs:

  • GoToMeeting and GoToTraining
  • Blackboard Mobile Learn
  • Starfish Connections & Retention Systems
  • Turning Technologies Personal Response Systems
  • Blue SES
  • Blackboard Social Learn and MyEdu
  • SafeAssign Plagiarism Prevention Service

The Blackboard Communities system is home to online group communities for faculty and student research sites, university and school committees, campus trainings, and much more.


    Information for Full-Time and Adjunct Faculty Using Blackboard

    • Each semester, Faculty must request their course to be placed on Blackboard through Bb Services.  Faculty can also request to add additional users (TA, Grader, Co-Instructor) or migrate their content from a previous semester.  Each of these are separate requests.
    • We offer multiple modalities (face-to-face, webinar and self-guided) of Blackboard Training for Faculty, Staff and TAs.  Topics range from Blackboard Basics, to more advanced features such as our Beyond the Basics series.  We also offer training on the Blackboard Grade Center, Collaborate Web Conferencing, SEDONA, SMART, and Prezi 
      • Faculty do not need to sign up for Blackboard training prior to requesting their Blackboard course however we strongly reccommend the "Getting Started with Bb 9" training for new users.
      • For a full list of our training offerings visit duq.edu/edtechcalendar
    • If you are Duquesne faculty seeking Blackboard help:
      • Visit www.duq.edu/blackboard and login with your multipass. Then select the Blackboard Help Tab to browse our sub-tabs organized by topic. 
      • View Blackboard's On Demand help videos for faculty with topics on understanding and building your course, communicating and collaborating, and assessing learners.
      • Call Duquesne University's Educational Technology Center at 412-396-5625.
    • Visit the My Bb Home tab of Blackboard to view technical requirements needed for Blackboard.
    • Faculty may download a Blackboard Mobile App to view and participate in their courses on a mobile device. The app is $1.99 for unlimited use. Download the app by searching for "Blackboard" in your mobile app store.

      Information for Students Using Blackboard

      • Remember that not necessarily all of the courses you are taking will have a course site on Blackboard.  It is up to your instructor whether they choose to use Blackboard or not.
      • You will be enrolled into your courses in Blackboard around two weeks before the semester begins if your instructor chooses to use Blackboard.
      • If your instructor is using a Blackboard site for the course, the site may not be available at the very beginning of the term.  Your instructor will decide when to make the site available to you.
      • Visit the My Bb Home tab of Blackboard to view the technical requirements needed for Blackboard
      • Students may download a Blackboard Mobile App to view their courses on a mobile device.  The app is $1.99 for unlimited use.  Students can download the app by searching for "Blackboard" in their mobile app store.
      • If you are seeking student help for Blackboard:
        • Visit www.duq.edu/blackboard and login with your multipass.  Then select the Blackboard Help Tab > Bb Student Help Subtab
        • Visit the Blackboard Student Orientation site in which you are enrolled within Blackboard.
        • View Blackboard's On Demand help videos for students.
        • Call Duquesne University's Help Desk at 412-396-4357.