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Bb Services

Bb Services is the course request system for Blackboard course and community sites.  Each semester instructors will use Bb Services to submit requests for the courses they wish to have a Blackboard course site.  This request process enables Blackboard course sites to reflect the activities and interactions of students and the instructor for a specific term. 

Bb Services Login

At the Request form, instructors can request to have

  • courses they teach with multiple sections combined into one course site;
  • course materials from previous semesters migrated to new courses (no student data is migrated);
  • request to have guest lecturers and Duquesne colleagues and teaching assistants, graders, and course builders added to their course sites.  View the chart below showing what type of access to content a user in each role in Blackboard would have.

    Blackboard Course Roles

To request course sites, instructors must

  • Have an "active" status with Human Resources and thus able to log in to Blackboard using MultiPass credentials;
  • Have a "faculty" designation in Banner;
  • Have been officially assigned a course by the Department and Registrar (in Duquesne's portal-DORI-course assignments will be visible in the Faculty Menu > Class Schedule.

If any of the above conditions are not met, instructors should contact their Department Chairs.