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Guidelines for Using Blackboard

Blackboard is the supported Learning Management System for Duquesne University. As the learning management system for Duquesne University, the University observes the following procedures for its use.

Faculty course sites for teaching

Through Duquesne's course request system, Bb Services, faculty can request the creation of course sites for each semester, along with migration of course materials from previous sites, special site set-up, and the addition of guest lecturers and others to course sites. This process enables Blackboard course sites to reflect the activities and interactions of students and the instructor for a particular term.

For faculty, adjuncts, and graduate students "new" to Blackboard as instructors or teaching assistants, the Educational Technology Center strongly recommends completing the "Getting Started with Blackboard Instructor" workshop, webinar, or self-guided tutorial. These workshops and tutorials introduce instructors and teaching assistants to the primary features and functions of Blackboard, design and navigation best practices, pedagogical uses of Blackboard in teaching, and course management strategies to help prepare instructors for effective use of Blackboard in their teaching.

Faculty are not required to complete Instructor Certification before requesting a Blackboard course site. However, faculty and adjuncts should check with their their School or Department to determine whether or not they require completion of the "Getting Started with Blackboard Instructor Workshop / Webinar or Self-Guided Tutorial." 

Graduate Students new to Blackboard in the role of Teaching Assistant, Grader, and/or Course Builder should contact the Faculty member to determine if they should attend training. 

For a listing of upcoming workshops, visit the Training Calendar!

Course Ownership

Only the instructor of record, or the department chair or Dean in the instructor's absence, can grant permission for the content of a course site to be made available to another instructor or copied for use by another instructor. Without the permission of the instructor of record, chair, or Dean sent by email to bbsupport@duq.edu, the course material will not be made available to another instructor or copied into another instructor's course site.

Academic Integrity in Course Sites

Faculty and graduate students should consider the following best practices for incorporating University Academic Integrity guidelines and policies in their course sites used for online delivery and supplementing face-to-face courses.

  1. Instructors should place on the course syllabus a statement referencing the University's Academic Integrity Policy and Code of Student Conduct (see pg. 30). The syllabus should be uploaded to the course site's "Syllabus" content area. 
  2. Instructors should create a link to their school's Academic Integrity policy and procedures. These policies and procedures should be discussed in class, on a discussion board, and/or through a webinar with students to ensure that students understand the policy, procedures, and their rights and responsibilities regarding Academic Integrity in their school.
  3. It is recommended that instructors create a "honor code/academic integrity" quiz question that asks students to acknowledge their awareness of the University's Academic Integrity policy and Student Conduct Code for the work they submit in the course.

Instructors may also include this Academic Integrity and Student Conduct Code quiz statement before any assignment or in each week's assignment folder, and set it so students must submit a YES answer (that they agree to stated policies) BEFORE the contents of that folder will open.

Student Enrollment

Only officially enrolled students are automatically enrolled in Blackboard course sites. Course sites are intended to meet the instructional and learning needs of those students who are officially enrolled in the course. Requests for adding students who have incompletes or independent study can be submitted by faculty for enrollment through the Bb Services course request system.

Instructors may also request to have non-DU individuals (e.g., guest speakers, experts, workshop/seminar attendees) added to their course sites through the Bb Services course request system. Guest accounts will be created for these users and enrolled in the instructor's site and will have a start and removal date (typically the end of the semester).