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Teaching with Technology at Duquesne
 . . . a Professional Learning Community


The Teaching with Technology @ DUQ Professional Learning Community provides an avenue for members to engage in specialized opportunities focused on emerging educational technologies. The community, sponsored by Educational Technology, is available to all Duquesne University Faculty, Staff, and Teaching Assistants.

As specialists in the Educational Technology field, Instructional Designers from Educational Technology will use research-based techniques to facilitate these specialized opportunities and continually collaborate with members to help the community develop.

We would love to hear from our members! If you have a suggestion for a TWT@DUQ session, please send your request to edtech@duq.edu with TWT@DUQ in the subject line.

What are the goals of TWT?

Members will exchange resources and information on emerging educational technologies and how they can be implemented in the classroom and engage with each other on a regular synchronous and asynchronous basis.

How much participation is required to be part of this learning community?

Your participation level in the community is completely up to you.  At minimum, for being part of this professional learning community you will gain access to many specialized resources (training sessions, research, communcation between members, and more).  If you would like to participate more than just reading/viewing the availalbe resources, you may share resources on Twitter by using #TWTDUQ, choose to become a presenter of a session, participate in pilot studies, and more.

Who can join TWT@DUQ?

Membership is open to the following Duquesne Univerisity faculty, staff, and teaching assistants.

Is there a cost to join the learning community?

It's FREE!  There is no cost to join the Teaching With Technology Professional Learning Community.

Who can attend TWT@DUQ sessions?

Members of the TWT@DUQ Learning Community may attend these specialized sessions.

Are sessions mandatory?

TWT@DUQ specialized sessions are not mandatory.  You do not need to attend these sessions to be a part of the learning community.

How will I know when sessions will be held?

We will send an email to all TWT@DUQ members to announce upcoming sessions. You can also find scheduled sessions on our Training Calendar page.

Become a Member
Join the TWT@DUQ Professional Learning Community.

Upon registration, you will be added to our specialized mailing list to receive teaching with technology resources, opportunities, and updates.