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Candidates Nominated

Candidates for Faculty Senate representatives to University Budget Committee (vote for two)

Charles Hanna, Ph.D. (Director, Graduate Center for Social and Public Policy and Department of
Sociology) Dr. Hanna has been at Duquesne University since 1984 and serves as one of the two current Faculty Senate representatives to the University Budget Committee.

David Tipton, Ph.D. (Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Administration and Director of Weekend Pharm.D. Pathway Program, Pharmacy) Dr. Tipton is Director of the Post Baccalaureate Weekend Doctor of Pharmacy Program and director of the program in Health Care Supply Chain Management. This is a joint program with the Duquesne University School of Business.

George Worgul, Ph.D. (Professor, Department of Theology) George Worgul is a tenured professor in the Theology at Duquesne, He has been teaching at the University for 36 years. He has served as chair of Theology twice (1988-1993 and 2006-2012). He created and administered the Duquesne University Family Institute from 1996-2005. Recently, he has become the University Coordinator for African Academic Programs (2012--). He has been the Faculty Representative on the University Benefits committee for 20 years and University Budget Committee 2012-2014). He is the first faculty member to represent the faculty on both committees simultaneously. This experience has lead him to propose the establishment of a University Total Compensation Committee which would bring greater planning to salary increments and raises.