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Classroom Technology Updates

Summer 2016

Fisher 721 and Canevin 309 will be converted into FlexTech classrooms.  Both rooms will have a capacity of 30 students and will feature the standard offerings of our FlexTech collaborative spaces.  Fisher 719 will be renovated to become the first collaborative lecture hall on campus.  The design includes a tiered room with two rows of seating per tier to allow for group work along with dual image projection and lecture capture capabilities.

Summer 2015

Fisher 600 and Canevin 310 were added as two new FlexTech classrooms.  Fisher 600 has a capacity of 36 while Canevin 310 seats 30 students.  Each room is outfitted with glass top tables, flat panels and resident computers at each pod and the ability to share content among all the room's displays. 

Spring 2015

All classroom projectors in College, Rockwell and Fisher were upgraded with new wide screen LCD projectors.  Each room is now capable of displaying wide screen images from the resident computer.

Fall 2014

College Hall:  Room 551 is now the third FlexTech classroom on campus.  The room consists of four pods of five seats, each with its own flat panel monitor and resident computer.  The instructors station consists of a standard classroom podium and a 65" touch screen monitor.  Rooms 548 and 644 College were converted to digital rooms which now include widescreen LCD projectors, widescreen computer monitors, HDMI connections and smaller sized podiums.  The remaining Registrar-controlled classrooms received new ceiling mounted LCD projectors in addition to the new LED lighting installed by Facilities. 

Rockwell Hall:   Room 308, the first FlexTech classroom on campus, was improved with the addition of computers at each of the student pods.  The instructor's interface was re-designed to provide a simplified user interface.