ISM Advisory Council

It is the primary purpose of the Advisory Council to share industry experience in the application of Information Systems Management capabilities and resources to the successful management and operation of commercial, private, and government activities as well as to actively work with the ISM faculty in the development of curriculum and student activities which will: (1) Assure appropriate scope and currency of ISM curriculum offerings; (2) Attract ISM student enrollment; and (3) Facilitate student and graduate job placement

The membership of the Council includes over 25 senior ISM Executives from Western Pennsylvania area and the Duquesne University faculty and staff members who are responsible for the development and administration of the University's ISM undergraduate and graduate student curriculum.


  • Share industry experience in the application of information systems and management processes and resources to support business goals and strategies
  • Provide industry experience opportunities for Information Systems Management (ISM) faculty
  • Participate in the development and review of current and planned curriculum and course offerings
  • Facilitate student placement and practical experience via such venues such as internships
  • Participate in and critique "pilot" programs and research projects


  • To develop, for both faculty and council members, an understanding of top management's and industry perspectives on the effective use of ISM investments and resources
  • To enhance faculty awareness of industry application of information systems
  • To ensure that the ISM curriculum matches future industry requirements
  • To create more student internship opportunities
  • To improve job placement opportunities for students
  • To increase student interest in the Palumbo Donahue ISM program


  • To sponsor ISM Advisory Council and continue quarterly meetings
  • To facilitate industry presentations and panels
  • To maintain and leverage the Speakers' Bureau
  • To promote student placement and internship opportunities
  • To sponsor student enrichment programs
  • To maintain the ISM strategic plan