MBA Alumni Advisory Council

The overall purpose of the MBA Alumni Advisory Council is to provide advice and guidance to the J F Donahue Graduate School of Business - with a specific focus on the MBA program curriculum and areas of focus, attracting future MBA candidates, nurturing current MBA students, recruiting efforts, sustainability and career development.

Key objectives and areas of focus for the council will adjust to and shift according to the school's strategic plan, key industry priorities as well as environmental factors and major trends and developments. Generally, the council will focus on the following objectives:

  1. Provide guidance and advice to the Graduate School of Business in enhancing the part-time and evening MBA program and curriculum;
  2. Assist the Graduate School of Business in attracting future MBA candidates to the business school;
  3. Provide guidance, advice and nurturing to current MBA students through activities such as internships, Idea Cafes, onsite projects, mentor programs, networking events, speaking engagements and informal outreach programs;
  4. Provide guidance, advise and input to the Sustainability program - with a specific focus on industry trends, curriculum and program enhancements; and
  5. Provide assistance to graduating MBA students in regards to job opportunities (e.g. career assist) and career development and assist the Graduate School of Business in the overall recruiting efforts.