Business ethics education enhances the individual's recognition of ethical issues at school or work, provides decision-making frameworks to resolve these ethical dilemmas and encourages individuals to behave ethically. Ethics education is becoming more complex as the business environment continues to transform into a global marketplace. Differences in cultures, laws and social customs challenge the application of a universal ethical decision-making framework. The Beard Institute seeks to reconcile these differences by identifying cross-cultural and cross-national similarities, or summoning ethical principles which transcend global differences.

Although people generally want to act ethically, forces such as personal, organizational or environmental may impede one's ability to act ethically. The accelerated pace of business has also caused people to make rush decisions without thinking about their consequences. Therefore, there is a critical need to provide frameworks directed toward realistic resolutions to ethical dilemmas challenging business employees and students throughout the world. The Beard Institute seeks to promote moral behavior through ethics education to those who encounter, or are preparing to encounter, moral challenges in the business world.