The Beard Institute assists corporate, non-profit and professional organizations through the following educational programs:

Pittsburgh Ethics and Business Conduct Network

The Beard Institute works with the Ethics and Business Conduct Network as a service to business executives in the region who are involved in ethics and compliance programs. The members meet on a quarterly basis for luncheon meetings (January, April, July and October). Each meeting features a brief presentation and a discussion from a list of topics, as well as a "Members Spotlight" segment during which individual members showcase their ethics/compliance programs or best practices at their organizations.

Ethics Luncheon Forum

The Beard Institute is pleased to sponsor the Ethics Luncheon Forum, which seeks to provide an arena within the community for discussion on issues of ethical corporate leadership. Corporate, government and community leaders discuss their perspectives of ethical leadership and engage in question-and-answer sessions, with topics including job creation, education and volunteer efforts.

Educational Workshops

The Beard Institute provides educational workshops for various businesses and professional and civic groups regarding business ethics, sustainability and financial management. The focus of these presentations varies depending on current and future business issues.

Women's Executive Leadership Program

The goal of the Women's Executive Leadership Program is to enhance the signature of women in business by offering a distinct development experience that not only improves the leadership capacity of the woman herself, but also fosters her ability to create and sustain change within her organization.

Emerging Women's Leadership Conference

The Emerging Women's Leadership Conference provides high-potential women with an opportunity to develop their business and leadership skills. The conference offers a distinct development experience that fosters the leadership capacity of each woman, thus enhancing her ability to create and sustain long-term growth within her organization.

Sustainability Symposium Summary

Held in the fall, the annual sustainability symposium brings practitioners, academics, and consultants to explore the latest research and best practices in sustainability. Each year, the symposium focuses on the latest sustainability strategies in the marketplace.