When students enroll in the Palumbo Donahue School of Business, they begin a lifelong relationship with Duquesne University - with faculty, fellow students, alumni and future students. With a shared set of values, School of Business alumni respect the credibility and camaraderie that the revered "red ring" commands.

Students at graduation

Duquesne's business grads are making a difference. They hold leadership positions in government, non-profit organizations, small businesses and multi-national corporations. Some stay in the region, others travel the globe; all are united by the Duquesne distinction. The breadth of their reach is matched only by the depth of their desire to help fellow alums.

Alumni carry with them a sense of purpose and higher perspective throughout their lives and careers-it's a shared spirit that bonds and differentiates the lasting Duquesne experience. And that's why Alumni Relations is dedicated to fostering continued relationships among graduates that keeps them connected and involved in the life of the University.

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