Share Your Memories

What you know as the Palumbo Donahue School of Business was started as the School of Accounts, Finance, and Commerce on October 6, 1913. In 2013 we will be celebrating the life of this school with a series of events and a commemorative book.

The first classes were held in the George Building on Fourth Avenue, not here on campus. There were three faculty and 14 students, all working students in the evening program. These and many other facts about the start and subsequent development of the School of Business can be found in the Duquesne University archives and a variety of other sources.

Unfortunately, the archives do not contain all the information we would like to include on the website and in the book. Maybe you or members of your family or friends who attended Duquesne can help fill in the gaps.

What cannot be found in any of our sources are the stories of the people who have been students, faculty, or staff at the school over the past 98 years. These stories will constitute a major portion of the website and the book. Some of the things we are looking for are:

  • Multi-generation School of Business families - are any of your ancestors or relatives graduates of the School of Business? If not, are they graduates of any other school at Duquesne?
  • The names of alumni who have married other School of Business alumni.
  • Stories about your or your family members' time at Duquesne. We are interested in all such stories, but are particularly interested in those from graduates in the 1930s through the 1970s, especially those in the 1970s who were involved in "The Third Alternative," the student program to raise money to keep Duquesne alive.
  • Names and short biographies of graduates who have had successful careers in business, whether major companies or by starting their own businesses.
  • Short essays on why going to Duquesne's School of Business has been important to an alumnus or alumna.
  • Alumni's recollections of particularly interesting or memorable faculty members.
  • Anything else that you think other alumni may find interesting.

Please use the following form to send your story to us. If you have already posted your memories online, send us the link to your video or photo(s). If not available online, please use this form to let us know, and we will contact you about sending us photos. We can also let you know if there is an upcoming event where you can record a video of your story in person!

You may also use the space provided to send us a text story. In order that you do not lose your story, please write it on your computer and save the file (such as a Word document), then when complete, copy/paste the text into this form.