Bill O'Rourke, Director of Business Ethics, Writes Article "Ethics in the Workplace"

February 1, 2012

"Ethics in the Workplace" appears in Dynamic Business Magazine, an affiliated publication of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review.

If an ethical issue is not even recognized, it will not be addressed. This article addresses the topic of making sure that we do not have ethical blindness in the workplace.

"When a situation develops that is not routine, that might involve inappropriate shortcuts, that may offend others, that shows favoritism or that appears to be a minor infraction, will there be adequate time available to provide sufficient scrutiny to determine if there even is an ethical issue that needs to be seriously addressed? Or, in this world of data overload, too much on the plate and vicious competition, will the ethical issues be over-looked or short-changed? Ethics must be one of the routine filters of the 21st century leader." - Bill O'Rourke

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