Dr. Amy Phelps, Service Learning Gaultier Fellow

January 30, 2012

Dr. Ralph Pearson, Provost of Duquesne University announced that Dr. Amy Phelps has been named a Gaultier Fellow in response to her work in the area of Service Learning.

Dr. Amy Phelps, School of Business: As a Gaultier Fellow, Phelps will implement clear, executable, quantitative assessment of direct measures of student learning that result from service-learning. Her work will build on the existing indirect and qualitative work undertaken by the Office of Service-Learning and will contribute to the field a model for quantitative assessment that is consonant with the values and mission of a Catholic University, specifically Duquesne. During the fall 2013, she will lead a faculty learning group on service-learning.

Fr. Mathurin Gaultier, C.S.Sp., was a professor of moral theology at Seminaire du Saint Esprit and later Assistant General of the congregation. He advocated for scholarly study within the Spiritan congregation and attracted a number of scholars to the work of the Spiritans. This group is known as the Gaultier Circle of Scholars. The Gaultier name is symbolic of the complementarity of scholarship to the practice of the Spiritan charism just as the Faculty Fellow brings scholarship and scholarly leadership to the practice of service-learning at Duquesne.