Dr. R. Bruce Bickel Presents Program on Ethical Leadership

February 1, 2012

On January 24, 2012, as part of the Distinguished Ethics speaker series, Dr. R. Bruce Bickel, Senior Vice President and managing director of PNC's Private Foundation Management Services, presented a program on Ethical Leadership.

Dr. Bickel mentioned that there are two things that a person cannot change; temperament and personality.  The first are the inclinations a person is born with; the second are the expressions of the first.  Character can be molded and refined.

While our culture embraces the ideas of feel, act and think (in that order), Bickel stated that one should think, act and feel.

"Thoughts become your words.  Words become your actions. Actions become your habits.  Habits become your character.  And Character becomes your destiny."

To develop character, Dr. Bickel recommended a set of Character Covenants.  Be a Follower (self-control); be a Finisher (responsibility); be Focused (dependability); Become your own Reward System (thoroughness); Become your Word (trust) and build Double Loyalty (within the team and with the company at large); Manage your Fears (courage), and Choose the harder right than the easier wrong (boldness).

Leaders of Character are known by the following:

"They care more than others think is wise.  They risk more than others think is safe.  They dream more than others think is practical and they expect more than others think is possible."

Bickel further reminded his audience "lead humbly and people will follow you anywhere."