Students Represent Duquesne in Competitions

January 3, 2014

Congratulations to Duquesne sales students Scott Sieber, Chandler Curione, Monica D'Angelo, Jeff Witt, and Vince D'Onofrio (pictured right) who represented Duquesne at the 2013 International Collegiate Sales Competition, hosted by Florida State University.

A further congratulations to the following Duquesne junior and senior sales students who were selected as finalists in the Northwestern Mutual Sales Scholarship Competition and will represent Duquesne at the finals in January:

  • Monica D'Angelo
  • Scott Sieber
  • Sarah Cottone
  • Sam Gill
  • Julia Chabala
  • Calla Kurtzhals
  • Chris Stockdale
  • Dominic DeMore
  • Patrik Petrasek
  • Annette Jackson
  • Jeff Witt
  • Kaitlin Kaleel
  • Aaron Kovalchick