Toffel Presents Research Paper at Sustainability Speaker Series

May 3, 2011

April 15, 2011 - Michael Toffel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School, presented his research paper "The Globalization of Corporate Environmental Disclosure: Accountability or Greenwashing?" at the Beard Institute's spring 2011 Sustainability Speaker Series. Attendees included faculty and students from Duquesne University's Sustainable MBA program as well as sustainability professionals from local companies and nonprofits.

Toffel's research paper examined how and why companies respond to the globalization of environmentalism. Toffel and his co-researcher, Christopher Marquis, Ph.D., found that the level of a firm's global embeddedness and environmental pressures from government and civil societies affect the extent of corporate environmental disclosure. Robert Sroufe, Director of Sustainability at the Beard Institute and the Murrin Chair of Global Competitiveness within the MBA Sustainability program, commented on Toffel's presentation: "The research presented provides insight on corporate disclosure of environmental practices and ways in which firms create impressions of transparency. The work leverages Trucost's environmental impact data from over four thousand companies in 44 countries providing clarity on emerging trends in sustainable business practices."

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