Conway Lackman, Ph.D.
Conway Lackman , Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Marketing
Palumbo Donahue School of Business
Contact Information
811 Rockwell Hall
Pittsburgh, PA, 15282
Phone: 412.396.5154 Fax: 412.396.4764

Conway Lackman's research interests include B2B modeling, new product development and environmental sustainability, His research focuses on impact of teams on new product performance and sales forecasting applications using research methods  such as advanced state-of-art techniques in statistical analysis (Conjoint, Factor, Correspondence, MDS, ANOVA, MANOVA, MDS), database systems, and Data Mining. His works include quality marketing journals (INDUSTRIAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT, PSYCHOLOGY & MARKETING,, J. OF FORECASTING, J. OF BUSINSS & INDUSTRIAL MARKETING, J. PRODUCT INNOVATION AND MANAGEMENT), and in several top economics journals. 

He received his PhD in business economics from University of Cincinnati, MS in marketing at Arizona State University and BS in social science at Ohio Wesleyan University.