Vision Statement:

The Office of Transformational Learning (OTL) is managed by Duquesne University's Graduate School of Business Administration. It is a concerted effort to mobilize the department's sustainable approach to value creation. The OTL welcomes all stakeholders who wish to work with our faculty and students. Our goal is to foster practical, long-term benefits for our project partners. Through Duquesne MBA students, the OTL provides a diverse range of stakeholders a unique opportunity for implementing holistic strategies to solving real-world problems.

Mission Statement:

The OTL supplies experiential learning for Duquesne MBA students, project consulting opportunities for faculty, and enlightened thinking to stakeholders outside the department. We do this by integrating community involvement with our unique educational model. Duquesne's MBA department commits itself to the study of crucial leverage points in value chain organization. We seek to enable stakeholders to better capture value by deriving optimal performance from their operational and organizational structure. The Duquesne approach is about earning more by using less in ethical ways which mutually benefit businesses and the surrounding community on a long-term basis. Through our involvement, we seek to leave our stakeholders with superior forms of risk-management and value creation while taking away experience in solving real-world problems. This relationship will provide project partners direct access to cutting-edge research and help transform the next generation of business leaders.