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Diane Ramos co-teaches the live consulting project and practicum courses in the MBA Sustainability curriculum and serves as associate director of graduate programs.  An adjunct professor since 1991, she has taught marketing, public relations, business writing, and presentation skills, primarily at the graduate level.  She was co-recipient of the university-wide Creative Teaching Award in 2010 for "engaging students in learning how to solve complex real-world problems" and among the faculty recognized with the 2008 Page Prize for designing the MBA Sustainability curriculum.  A former corporate marketing executive, she also provides strategic advisory services to Fortune 500 and multinational corporations; clients have included Gillette, Duracell, Bayer, American Home Products, Revlon, GlaxoSmithKline and Keane.  She has led international study trips to Japan, China, Scandinavia, Iceland, Brazil and Peru.  Her work has been published by the Journal of Applied Marketing Theory, International Journal of Sport Communication, and Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education.  She holds a BA and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

Advancing Best Practices

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    Motivate People, the Most Valuable Resource

    Organizational Behavior

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    Prepare to Lead Responsibly


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    Optimize Efficiency Through the Value Chain

    Value Chain & Operations

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    Understand the Linkages of Dynamic Systems

    Systems Thinking

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    Understanding Global Economic Forces


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    Market with Meaning


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    Convert Data to Insight


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    Interpret and Analyze Financial Reports


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    Lead Sustainable Change

    Leading Change

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    Create Value from Information

    Information Systems Management

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    Inspire a Resource Revolution

    Supply Chain

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