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As senior manager of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility at JCPenney, a leading retailer of apparel and home furnishings in the United States, Bhushan Joshi, 2011, leverages his engineering and management expertise to advance environmental and social performance.

"I lead cross-functional teams to develop and implement sustainability initiatives," says Bhushan, noting proudly that "Duquesne's MBA Sustainability program gave me the confidence to make the business case for sustainability to a diverse group of stakeholders." 

Bhushan had an enviable record of achievement as a project manager and business process improvement leader in the energy management industry.  He put his career on hold for a year to pursue an MBA that would help him understand how to "foster sustainable development in a resource constrained world." 

Bhushan has an undergraduate degree in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC). He is Six Sigma Green Belt and LEED GA certified and recently completed a GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting course.  While earning his MBA, Bhushan worked on consulting challenges for Westinghouse Nuclear and FedEx and planned field activities for his cohort's study trip to India.

The MBA program empowered me to effect change from within.

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