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A returned Peace Corps volunteer, Kira Cha, 2009, has exemplified the service ideals that attracted her to Duquesne through a progression of roles at Boeing.

During her first year at Boeing, Kira was project manager for corporate Earth Day activities through her participation in REACH, a program that connects new hires with internal and external communities.  More recently, she received a scholarship for an external program that prepares young professionals to contribute on boards.   

"Serving on a local board helps you get more engaged in your community," says Kira, a member of Nature Consortium's board. "As a next generation leader, you can provide new perspectives to organizations."

Kira compared life cycle impacts of aluminum to plastics for Alcoa and conducted interviews with suppliers for Bayer MaterialScience as an MBA student.  Her consulting team created an ongoing revenue stream for an industrial manufacturer by finding new uses for clean waste as raw materials. She also presented at the national "Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference" as part of her Coverdell Fellowship.

Prior to earning an MBA, Kira spent two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica and earned a B.S. in logistics from the University of North Texas.

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