Green steward from the green mountain


In his brand management role, Kris Crown, 2010, launches innovative products for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, a values-oriented company that he proudly calls "heavily focused on sustainability."  

Kris works at the intersection of financial, social and environmental responsibility to introduce innovative consumer products, launch integrated marketing campaigns, and release package designs for fair-trade tea products, among others.

Earning 45 MBA credits in 12 months gave him the "business savvy" to "manage priorities" and deliver results in a "fast-paced business environment."

While earning his MBA, Kris designed an integrated marketing communication plan for an architecture firm and developed a stage-gate process for sustainable product development at Bayer MaterialScience. Additionally, for his graduate-fellowship, he co-authored a paper focused on alleviating poverty by improving the systems thinking of Microfinance.

Before Duquesne, Kris served in the U.S. Peace Corps in Grenada and acquired a B.S. in finance and international management from the University of Vermont.

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