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Matthew Ebberts, 2013

Matthew Ebberts, 2013, enjoys the work climate at Google Pittsburgh, recently named one of the top 15 coolest tech offices in the world. Describing the company as world-class, Matt reports that Google buys locally for their cafeteria, a strategy recommended by our 2010 MBA students who encouraged Google to pursue zero waste.

Among the few non-engineers at Google, Matt says that the MBA Sustainability prepared him to "switch gears very quickly" and boosted his confidence as a leader: "When we did our MBA consulting projects, we dealt with people who were high up in the organization; for example, we presented to a dozen top executives in the board room at UPMC."

After majoring in history and political science at the University of Pittsburgh, Matt worked in banking and insurance for five years. "I felt that I didn't know what people were talking about," he says, "so getting core business knowledge was the driver for an MBA."

"My biggest accomplishment was definitely Aspen!" Matt's team placed third among five international finalists at the 2013 Business & Society Case Competition in New York City.

I gained the tools and foundation to achieve my career goals and leave a positive mark on the world.

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