The purpose of the graduating students' portfolio is to demonstrate, with specific examples, that you have produced substantive, professionally-presented work during your program of study. It is evidence of personal accomplishment, as well as a tangible demonstration of skills and learning for present or future employers. Your portfolio also serves as an outcomes assessment measure for the Donahue Graduate School of Business to help determine the extent to which you have mastered the knowledge and skills outcomes established for the MBA program.

Student Guidelines

  1. Early in your last semester in the program (two months before graduation), you will assemble an electronic portfolio of at least seven projects which demonstrate competencies in the program outcomes. Suitable examples include moderate length papers demonstrating writing and analytical skills, research projects, consulting-type reports, case studies, quantitative problem-solving, presentation projects, and similar activity. All examples should be those that you believe would assist in demonstrating the competencies acquired during your course of study for the MBA degree.
  2. Portfolio content will include assignments from required and elective courses taken during the MBA program. You may also include projects completed during an internship or regular employment that demonstrate the application of disciplines taught in the MBA program.
  3. Up to three projects may be in the form of co-authored or group projects.
  4. At least one project should be an analytical or research paper.
  5. One project should demonstrate presentation skills using technology along with an underlying document.
  6. You must demonstrate the breadth of learning by submitting examples of your work that correspond to the competencies identified as outcomes for the MBA program. (See the MBA program catalogue for program outcomes).
  7. The portfolio, including a personal resume; it should be submitted in accordance with the format guidelines provided by the Donahue Graduate School of Business office for evaluation as part of the MBA degree registration requirement (normally at the beginning of the final semester before graduation). If a project is to be completed during the final semester, the portfolio should be submitted with a note that the project will be "forthcoming."
  8. All students entering the MBA program starting in the Fall 2005 semester will be required to submit a Portfolio of Work. Students who entered the program earlier are encouraged to submit a portfolio.

Evaluation and Faculty Guidance

  1. The staff of the Donahue Graduate School of Business office will review your portfolio expeditiously. You will be notified promptly if deficiencies are noted
  2. All faculty teaching in the MBA curriculum (required and elective courses) should identify suitable projects in their syllabi as candidates for the portfolio and discuss the portfolio requirement with you.