Professional MBA

MBA Students
Transform yourself and the world.

You will be challenged and prepared to lead anywhere in the world. Ultimately, you will seize opportunities and be transformed professionally and personally.

Maximum Flexibility

You can earn a top-ranked MBA at your own pace. Our Professional MBA is ideal for busy, working professionals like you. The flexible curriculum, with evening classes held on campus and online*, offers part-time and full-time options and can be completed in just two years.

We'll help you break it down. See our sample timelines for part-time and full-time options.

Our Six Differentiators

1. Action—Based Experiential Learning

You will develop an ability to connect theory and practice to create effective change.  Our enhanced program includes a leadership cornerstone experience, new signature courses, a streamlined functional core and a capstone project that tackles strategic challenges for a real client.  Integrative coursework and experiential learning projects with industry professionals and world-renowned scholars prepare you for a lifetime of success and advancement.

2. Strong Ethical and Moral Compass

You will gain skills to recognize and solve business problems from an ethics perspective and lead with integrity. You will learn that being the best in the world-in any field of endeavor-requires being the best for the world. Our philosophy is that responsible, ethical leadership in business not only enhances the bottom line, but also creates a better society for all.

3. Entrepreneurial Mindset

As you cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, you will envision new ways of doing things. You will be challenged to make decisions that require innovative thinking and calculated risks. Most importantly, you will be able to recognize and seize outstanding opportunities to solve problems and create value.

4. Cultural Intelligence

You will learn how to lead effectively in a complex global environment characterized by diverse perspectives, values and business practices. Our professors have rich international experiences to share, and you will meet talented students from all over the world. Throughout the curriculum, you will be asked to address global business issues such as how to manage risk, bridge cultural differences and size up foreign markets.

5. Sustainability—A Core Business Principle

You will learn to apply sustainability principles in business decisions to drive efficiency, innovation and competitive advantage. Our courses are aligned with the Principles for Responsible Management Education, a UN-backed initiative to advance sustainable social, environmental and economic value in business education.

6. Strategic Leadership Development

You will acquire the skills needed to build effective teams, motivate people and create innovative organizational change. You will be trained in design thinking-a creative problem-solving approach used to develop innovative products, processes and business models. As a result, you leave Duquesne with lessons in leadership that are invaluable, impactful and real.

*If you are interested in completing the majority of classes online, you are encouraged to start the program in the fall semester due to course availability.