tom tribone

Founder and CEO, GGIC Ltd


Thomas (Tom) Tribone is the founder and CEO of GGIC Ltd, (formerly known as Guggenheim Global Infrastructure Company), a firm dedicated to owning and operating energy and infrastructure projects. He is also Chairman of the board of directors of a public investment fund, Infrastructure India PLC . He has served as a board member for a number of corporate, industry and academic organizations. Tribone was an early member of the AES Corporation and was its Executive Vice President and number-two executive before he left to start his own company, Franklin Park Investments. Earlier he held general management positions at Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO).

Early on in his career at ARCO, Tom Tribone advocated for the installation of some of the first acid rain pollution control equipment on industrial power plants. He then turned to increasing industry energy efficiency by the use of improved processes, such as Cogeneration. As one of the first participants in the global deregulation and privatization of the energy and infrastructure sectors, Mr. Tribone has originated and executed many large, path-finding transactions in the United States and in major emerging markets, such as Mexico, Brazil, India and China.

Overseas, he completed the first direct foreign investment in Brazil’s energy sector after the full restoration of democracy and the election of Fernando Henrique Cardoso as President in the 1990s. He led transactions to open foreign energy markets, such as the first private power plant in Mexico and the first bilateral treaty between Brazil and Argentina for a natural gas pipeline. Activities like this and others, such as a power company dedicated to China, helped develop the concept of a global electric power industry. In testimony before the U.S. Congress, Mr. Tribone observed that technological and market forces were “shrinking” the scope of natural monopoly. This line of thinking led him to believe that there would be societal benefits in merging regulated monopolies with competitive firms and he conceived and completed the earliest consolidations in the United States between regulated utility companies, and unregulated firms. This consolidation has been a major, continuing trend. Tom Tribone is described as a “most creative” new business developer in the book Joy at Work. Author Peter Grose, in his book Power to People, offers an additional description of Tribone’s entrepreneurial contributions. In China, Mr. Tribone is involved in bringing an efficient, environmentally friendly road-building technology developed in the United States, asphalt-rubber, to China for the first time.