Accounting Honors Institute

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The Accounting Honors Institute is open to all high school students who have an interest in business and have been nominated by their teachers. Teachers and counselors will be asked to nominate two or three students for this program. An interested student should ask a teacher or counselor to serve as a sponsor. Seating is limited and registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Learn how to use a fully integrated computer system (Oracle/PeopleSoft) that many Pittsburgh businesses use every day. As part of the Accounting Honors Institute, you will learn how to extract business information that can be used to make timely decisions.

Understanding Financial Statements and Related Reports

  • Where do you find net income and cash?
  • How do you evaluate a company's profitability?
  • Will the company have enough cash to pay their bills?
  • Is a company's stock price overvalued or undervalued?

Fraud and Forensics

Learn about different types of white collar crime and use forensic accounting techniques to investigate criminals who:

  • Steal company money
  • Help themselves to company inventory
  • "Cook" the company books

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