I was able to secure a professional position upon graduation due to my mentor. I greatly appreciate it and could not have done it without my mentor.


I went on-site with a first year auditor to see what day-to-day activities are.


I was invited to the IIA golf outing and during the event, my mentor introduced me to someone who ultimately offered me an a summer internship.


This mentoring program was probably the most valuable thing that I will take away from Duquesne University. It is such a great program, and I was so fortunate to get paired up with such a great, helpful and knowledgeable mentor. I am so thankful for being part of this program and for a lot the time and effort my mentor has given me.


Thanks much for assisting in coordinating this program. As both a parent and individual in the corporate world, I believe that this is a wonderful opportunity for students.


Just another reason that we selected Duquesne University over other institutions.