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Volume 18, Issue 1. (October 2011)
  Good Timing? How One Bank Cut its Link to a $1.2 Billion Ponzi Scheme (Davis, Louis R. and Linus Wilson)
  Uncertainty Disclosure in Business Valuations (Howe, Harry and Jeffrey W. Lippitt)
  The Newton-Pepys Problem, Measures of Central Tendency, and Symmetry of a Binomial Distribution (Ciecka, James E.)
  Uses of the American Time Use Survey to Measure Household Services: What Works and What Does Not Work (Ireland, Thomas R.)
  Gaydos v. Domabyl: A Pennsylvania Case Rich in Insights (Rodgers, James D.)
  Probability Mass Functions in Forensic Economics (Skoog, Gary R. and James E. Ciecka)
  Historical Net Discount Rates – An Update Through 2010 (Ireland,Thomas R. and David G. Tucek)
  More Pitfalls in Determining the Reasonable Royalty in Patent Cases (Shapiro, Steven J.)