Companies Started by Students:

  • Tasteful Yoga
  • Devotee
  • Marine Solutions and Services, Inc.
  • State Farm Insurance Agency
  • Touch of Class Auto Detailing

Where else are you going to have a 12-time entrepreneur and winner of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Lifetime Achievement Award as your professor? Where else are you going to find a program that puts you in touch with entrepreneurs like Steve D’Angelo, CEO and owner of dck Worldwide – a multi-billion dollar construction company or Steve Greer, founder of Hartwell Pacific – one of the world’s largest recycling companies? If you want to be the best, start by learning from the best. Duquesne’s ESP program gave me that opportunity and many more in spades.


Ryan Cene, '11
Product Manager/Sales Associate, The American Entrepreneur

There is no substitute for going out and actually starting your own business, but the ESP at Duquesne University gets you as close to real world experience as you can get without actually being in the real world. The knowledgeable professors aren't afraid to tell you their first-hand experiences, which is worth more than any textbook you could buy.


Kevin Holesh, '11
Lead Web Developer,

There is not a program in this country where the Director takes a greater interest in his/her students than Duquesne’s ESP. Ron Morris takes a personal interest in the success of each of his students, and he is always willing to make time for all of his aspiring entrepreneurs. That may not seem like much, but for someone who is a member of over a dozen boards, hosts The American Entrepreneur - a daily business talk radio program - teaches a number of courses at Duquesne, guest lectures at CMU, Pitt, and many other universities, and has a family at home – it is A LOT. Ron was a mentor to me throughout my time at Duquesne, and his entrepreneurial background, combined with his passion, motivated me to excel far beyond the classroom.


Andrew Rossi, '09
Director of Sales, Pittsburgh Business Radio