Student Organizations

Duquesne Asset Management Group

Duquesne Asset Management Group (DAMG) is a student managed investment club. On a weekly basis, the group meets to discuss prevalent topics relating to capital markets, economic events, and general market news. The group also manages an equity portfolio throughout the semester, granting members the opportunity to immerse themselves in real life capital market transactions and portfolio management practices. Using state of the art technology in Rockwell Hall’s Investment Center, such as Bloomberg and Morningstar, DAMG provides its members with invaluable hands-on investment experience in preparation for a career in the business world.

Financial Management Association International - Duquesne University Student Chapter

Financial Management Association International (FMA) student chapters bring together like-minded students and faculty to provide developmental and educational programs as well as provide social and service opportunities to promote networking and collegiality.  FMA student chapters offer a diverse range of activities and are a great source of information about career development, leadership and financial practice.