Going Global

A global business perspective is vital during these times of international economic competition and political change. When a student studies in another country and culture, he or she gains a unique, eye-opening understanding of cross-cultural similarities and differences. Today, successful business leaders understand the mechanics of the global economy as well as the cultural differences that underlie it.

Study Abroad China

The to-do list of today's business leaders might involve resolving patent issues in India, understanding labor laws in New Zealand or navigating an unstable economy in Ireland.

Today's global economy necessitates that business leaders understand the intricacies and implications of a worldwide marketplace. Employment outlooks for the twenty-first century indicate that successful candidates in the job market will possess an international perspective. The Palumbo School of Business curriculum and study abroad programs differentiate and prepare students to meet this growing demand.

Duquesne's globally trained academicians and internationally focused business executives combine their expertise to provide students with an ethically based understanding of world economies, diverse workforces and political climates. Palumbo students can expand upon their classroom learning through internships and a vast array of study abroad opportunities.

A broader understanding of the global marketplace helps to prepare Palumbo students for diverse leadership roles in a business environment, whether in Pittsburgh or Prague.