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Center for Advancing the Study of Teaching and Learning

The Center for Advancing the Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) was established in 1998 in the Department of Foundations and Leadership at Duquesne University School of Education.

Propelled by its mission and goals, CASTL engages in research programs dedicated to understanding, advancing and disseminating evidence-based study of the teaching-learning process.

Toward this end, CASTL develops and maintains professional learning communities sustained by systematic and intentional inquiry and supported by learning-centered online environments where the creation of new knowledge and the weighing of new evidence against favored beliefs is everyone's most important work.

In all of its endeavors, CASTL:

  • Fosters a culture of distributed learning in real world classrooms;
  • Promotes the construction of significant understandings from educational theory, research, and effective educational practice; and
  • Nurtures dispositions toward data-driven decision making and intellectual honesty.

Making Our Scholarship Public

To share what it learns, CASTL promotes and supports publications, presentations and other networking activities to share learning across a variety of contexts and media. CASTL's primary focus is to facilitate the intentional use of relevant educational research and theory in support of effective educational practice to generate knowledge networks and learning legacies.

Promoting Social Justice in Education

Today, fundamental questions of equity, diversity, and social justice take on special significance in our schools. As our society becomes increasingly global and the world more interconnected, educators must find new ways to:

  • Learn from and with each other,
  • Contribute diverse perspectives, and
  • Improve the quality of the teaching-learning process for all.

CASTL, as part of its dedication to evidence-based study of the teaching-learning process, intentionally provides leadership in this endeavor.

CASTL welcomes contributions from and seeks interaction with scholars in related fields to support and advance far-reaching knowledge networks that connect researchers and practitioners to advance the study of teaching and learning.