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The Leading Teacher Program in Urban Education

The Leading Teacher Program in Urban Education is designed to prepare students for 21st century classrooms. Duquesne's Urban Education program is a multi-perspective and interdisciplinary program that integrates disciplines including linguistics, psychology, social studies, political science, to name a few. It uses various methodologies and theoretical frameworks to prepare students for highly needed positions as leaders in education, especially in urban settings.

Benefits of Preparation in Urban Education:

  • Deepen new understandings and commitment to utilizing evidence-based practices in urban classrooms
  • Specialized training to improve student achievement and close the achievement gap for students in urban settings, including children from homeless families
  • Create and sustain a community of leaders committed to continuous learning and mutual support

Participants in the Leading Teacher Program in Urban Education Gain:

  • Professional development and induction programs which are aligned with Dr. Arnetha Ball’s four phases of Generative Change: awakening, agency, advocacy, and efficacy
  • Observations and clinical teaching opportunities for pre-service teachers in carefully selected high-needs schools and community-based tutoring programs
  • Strengthen students’ ability to  become excellent classroom teachers and leaders in educational  systems that are purposeful, successful, and caring contexts for learning
  • Develop skills and knowledge needed for the effective leadership and management of classrooms in a global, technological, and culturally diverse society
  • Stimulate inquiry and innovation that addresses the challenges that emerge in professional practice
  • Broaden and deepen reflection about values, trends, and issues that affect the education enterprise