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Urban Education Book Club

Engage with a selected book that the entire faculty will be reading that is designed to stimulate ongoing school-wide conversation on issues of urban education with links to the Spiritan Tradition.

  • Launch a book reading initiative that includes every faculty person in the SoE.
  • Monthly book club meetings for those who will dialogue about the book.
  • Creating a comfortable space for ongoing dialogic engagement and fireside chats with the Sizemore Professor.
  • Periodic questions put forth for faculty to ponder, respond to and discuss.
  • Invite entire faculty to join the ongoing meetings of the DILE Research Group.

Fireside Chats With the School of Education Faculty and the Barbara A. Sizemore Professor: A Book Discussion Group

A new book selection will be discussed once a month.

News & Events

March 17, 2015: Dr. Gloria J. Ladson-Billings

Join us in dialoguing about Dr. Gloria J. Ladson-Billings' book The Dreamkeepers: Successful Teachers of African American Children. The purpose of this book club is to foster growth and awareness of the issues of urban education embracing the Spiritan tradition of caring.

February 17, 2015: Dr. Marilyn Barnett-Waters

Join us in dialoguing about the selected book Becoming Teachers of Inner City Students by James Jupp. Dr. Barnett-Waters will speak on how she identified committed teachers in urban schools where she was principal.

To register for any of these discussions, send an email message to Melissa at pricem@duq.edu.