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Comprehensive Examinations

Comprehensive examinations must be completed by all doctoral students at the completion of their coursework and prior to their dissertation proposal meeting. This examination will utilize an electronic portfolio that combines artifacts, descriptions, and reflections on completed coursework. E-portfolios will be evaluated twice annually (March 1 and October 1) by all members of the Program Advisory Committee.  Submission should be made to both the program director and the program assistant.

The primary goal of the e-portfolio is to provide a demonstration of the student's ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills they have gained across both courses and disciplines.  Depending on the professional needs of the individual student, one of two sets of standards can be utilized as a rubric for creating the e-portfolio.

  • Students who intend on working in Higher Education should follow the AECT Standards when creating their e-portfolio.
  • Students who intend on working in K-12 Education should follow the ISTE NETS for Administrators 2009 when creating their e-portfolios.

Visit the e-portfolio procedure page for further information.