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Application Requirements

Admission to the Program

The transformation of the practice of educational leadership that is required to confront the educational problems of the 21st century requires the exponential increase of capacity that comes from diversity. Therefore, we seek to form cohorts of aspiring educational leaders that represent diverse professional experience and expertise. Each cohort will be formed deliberately to comprise school-academy-community (SAC) partnerships.

Consistent with the notion of SAC Partnerships, we invite applications for doctoral study from professionals who have worked in schools as well as from professionals whose work has been community-based (e.g., non-profit professionals, evaluators, legislative professionals, community organizers, educational designers, publishers, consultants, among others). School professionals and community professionals will join faculty to form cohorts that represent SAC partnerships. The common characteristic of all successful candidates for the program will be a demonstrated commitment to improve schools by securing equitable educational opportunity for all learners.

Application Instructions

A new ProDEL cohort is forming for the 2016-2017 Academic Year.  
The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership program will be accepting applications for a new cohort of students that will begin the program in the Summer of 2016. Application materials will be available on the website in the Spring of 2015.  If you wish to be placed on the program's mailing list in order to receive updates regarding the program and application materials, please contact Ed.D.Edleader@duq.edu