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Course Sequence

ProDEL’s course of study is structured as a focused, three-year program.

• Year 1 is focused by Duquesne’s educational leadership core;

• Year 2 is focused by directed study in problems of practice seminars that are cycled through research and development rotations;

• Year 3 is focused by dissertation of practice seminars and directed study focused on completing the capstone product of learning: a dissertation of practice.

Students take 18-credits per year (6 credits each in the Fall, Spring, and Summer) for a total of 54 credits*

Course Descriptions

Year Program Focus Learning Experiences
1 Core

Stewardship of Practice (Fall)
Education & Social Justice (Fall)
Research & Development (Spring)
Ethics & Accountability (Spring)
Learning & Opportunity (Summer)
Leadership Design & Practice (Summer)

2 Problems of Practice and R&D Rotations

Problem of Practice Seminar I (Fall)
R&D Rotation: Learning Environments (Fall)
Problem of Practice Seminar II (Spring)
R&D Rotation: Evaluation (Spring)
Problem of Practice Seminar III (Summer)
R&D Rotation: Policy (Summer)

3 Dissertation of Practice Dissertation of Practice Seminar I (Fall)
Dissertation of Practice Study I (Fall)
Dissertation of Practice Seminar II (Spring)
Dissertation of Practice Study II (Spring)
Dissertation of Practice Seminar III (Summer)
Dissertation of Practice Study III (Summer)

* Note for those interested in the PA Letter of Eligibility for the Superintendency. A separate 6-credit program–taken in conjunction with coursework in Years 2 & 3 of ProDEL–is being designed for those who wish to pursue the PA Letter of Eligibility for the Superintendency (and who have met the requisite conditions of licensed practice).  That certification program will be submitted in the coming months, but must undergo review for approval by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  Therefore, students who enroll in ProDEL in the fall of 2012 cannot be guaranteed that they can earn the PA Letter of Eligibility for the Superintendency.