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Are GRE scores required?

No, GRE scores are not part of the application requirements. Please refer to Application Requirements.


Are admission interviews required?

Interviews are not required as part of the initial application process, but they are part of the final application process.  If you are selected as a finalist for admission, you will be scheduled for an interview.  Finalists are encouraged strongly to attend the interview session on campus.


What is the length of the ProDEL Program?

ProDEL's course of study is structured as a focused, three-year program. Please see the complete course sequence page.


Will transfer credits be accepted?

No. The professional doctorate in educational leadership is a cohort program that requires each candidate to complete all learning experiences of the three-year program.


When will the face-to-face sessions occur?

The cohort will meet all day Friday and Saturday (8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.) one time per month or 4 times per semester.  The cohort will also meet two weeks during the summer. See Calendar/Schedules for the dates of the face-to-face class sessions.


Is there an orientation?

Yes.  The orientation date will be announced shortly.

Am I required to leave my current residence and place of employment and/or vocation in order to pursue this degree?

No, students are encouraged to remain with their present employer, vocation, and/or community where they most likely already practice professionally, a practice that can serve as a "laboratory" and where they can develop their skills as a scholarly practitioner. Current ProDEL students travel to the on-campus meetings in Pittsburgh from various parts of the country.


Does ProDEL accept International Students?

We welcome International students; however, due to the format of the program, we cannot accept International or Domestic students on a conditional basis.


If I am an international student will I need to provide TOEFL scores?

Yes. All international students are required to submit TOEFL scores.  The program follows the policy and guidelines provided in the Duquesne University School of Education Graduate Catalog.


What is the cost of the ProDEL Program?

Please visit the Graduate Tuition Rates page for an updated graduate per credit rate (tuition and fees).


The financial aid deadline is May 1.  If I am not accepted by that date, will I still be able to get financial aid?

The May 1 date for financial aid is based on the Pennsylvania State Grant for undergraduate students.  Graduate students may apply for Stafford Loans after the May 1 date.