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Course Sequence

This program assumes:

  1. A minimum overall 3.00 grade point average or 3.00 GPA on the most recent 48 credits
  2. At least 6 credits in college level mathematics
  3. At least 3 credits college level English composition and at least 3 credits college level English literature
  4. Passing the Praxis initial exams *taken before the end of the entrance track
    • PPST Reading
    • PPST Writing
    • PPST Math
    • Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge
  5. Act 33 Child Abuse, Act 34, Criminal History and FBI clearances

Course/Program Sequence for Students beginning in Fall 2011 or later (link)

Entrance Track (22 credits)

Introduction to Teaching (3 credits)
GECE 520 Introduction to Teaching
Introduction to Field Experience (0 credit)
GECE 595 Field Experience
Orientation to Leading Teacher Program (0 credit)
GECE 570 Orientation to Leading Teacher Program
PRAXIS I - PPST (no credit)
Educational Psychology (3 credits - choose one)
GPSY 514 Human Growth and Development
GPSY 619 Child and Adolescent Development
Educational Diversity (3 credits)
GESL 501 Helping English Language Learners in Mainstream Classes
Special Education (9 credits)
GSPE 503 Social Justice and Empowerment
GSPE 603 Response to Intervention
GSPE 654 Early Intervention and Child Development
Introduction to Early Childhood (3 credits)
GECE 500 Theory, Research and Practice in Early Childhood
(field experience/observation required)
Gateway I (1 credit)
GECE 569 Gateway I: Technology

Professional Certification Track (30 credits)

Early Childhood Concentration (15 credits)
GECE 510 Literacy and Language B-8 yrs.
GECE 502 Curriculum Design for Inclusive Early Childhood Ed.
GECE 504 Family, School and Community Interaction
GREV 525
GECE 631
Research Literacy
Instructional Techniques
GRLA 521
GRLA 524
GRLA 625
Reading Programs and Instruction
Psychology of Reading
Reading Disabilities
Content Specific Courses (15 credits)
GELP 551 The Healthy Child:  Creative Expression and Movement
GELP 552 Teaching Elementary School Social Studies
GELP 554 Teaching Elementary School Mathematics
GELP 555 Teaching Elementary School Science
GELP 556 Teaching Language Arts
Gateway II (0 credits)
GECE 571 Gateway II: Diversity
GECE 574 Early Childhood Professional Development Seminar I

Student Teaching Track (variable credits)

GECE 590 Early Childhood Internship (0-6 credits)
GELP 562 Elem School Internship (0-6 credits)
GECE 591 Student Teaching ECE (3-6 credits)
GELP 561 Elementary Student Teaching (3-6 credits)
GECE 690 Practicum Early Childhood (3-6 credits)
GINT 694 Student Teaching Italy (3 credits)
GINT 691 Student Teaching Ireland (3 credits)
Gateway III (0 credits)
GECE 572 Gateway III: Leadership
GECE 575 Professional Development Seminar II

52 credits (not including student teaching)