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  • GECE Acceptance Procedures (pdf)

  • GECE Field-Based Orientation Experiences (FBOE) (pdf)

  • Mission Statement (pdf)

  • School of Education - Conceptual Framework (pdf)


The following are links to sites that list standards for teachers:

  • ACEI - Association for Childhood Education International- Information on professional assistance and consultation with international academic credentials, institutional accreditation/ recognition status. (link)
  • INTASC - Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium- Here you will find INTASC model core standards for liscensing teachers. (link)
  • NAEYC - National Association for the Education of Young Children (link)
  • NBPTS - National Board for Professional Teaching Standards- This is the home page for the NBPTS. Here you will find information on National standards and becoming certifed. (link)
  • PAEYC - Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children (link)
  • NEA - National Education Association (link)
  • Reggio Emilia - links related to Reggio Emilia (link)