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Graduate Assistants & Aid

There are several forms of financial assistance available for students in the Doctoral Program in Counselor Education and Supervision.

Graduate Assistantships: Doctoral students may apply for full- and part-time graduate assistantships. Upon being invited to interview for the doctoral program, applicants will receive an application for a graduate assistantship. A full-time graduate assistant, which involves twenty (20) hours of work per week, receives 9 credits of tuition remission per semester and may also receive a monthly stipend. Part-time graduate assistantships may consist of 3 credits of tuition remission (6.5 clock hours per week), or 6 credits of tuition remission (13.5 clock hours per week). Graduate assistantships are only available during the fall and spring semesters, so doctoral students elect to apply for student loans to cover the six (6) credits required each of the two (2) summer semesters. The total number of hours for each week may vary as long as the graduate assistant averages the number of hours for the respective GA type listed below.

Credits per semester Total hours per semester Average hours per week

Credits per Semester Total hours per Semester
9 320 hours
6 214 hours
3 107 hours

Graduate assistant duties involve assisting faculty with their scholarship/research, which may include conducting literature reviews, collecting and analyzing data, etc., and may also involve supervising masters' counseling students. Graduate assistants may have the opportunity to begin conducting their own research interests as part of their graduate assistantship with the approval and support of their assigned faculty member. Second and third year graduate assistants also provide supervision to master's students. Graduate assistants are evaluated by the assigned supervising faculty member(s), and continuance in the position is contingent upon satisfactory performance and funding for the position.

The graduate assistant's schedule is determined in collaboration with the supervising faculty member. Some faculty members may want the graduate assistant to work at specified times, whereas others may focus more on the completion of the tasks that the graduate assistant has been assigned. Since the hours are generally flexible, doctoral students are usually able to have forms of employment in addition to a graduate assistantship.

Student Loans: Doctoral students may apply for student loans through the Financial Aid Office / (412) 396-6607.

Clergy Discount: Members of the clergy are given one-half remission on tuition for most programs (Spiritans are given special funding opportunities). To determine eligibility, contact the Financial Aid Office / (412) 396-6607.

Catholic School Lay Teacher and Lay High School Administrator Discount: Relevant for teachers and administrators from such schools in Pittsburgh, Greensburg, and Altoona-Johnstown. Involves one-half remission of tuition. To determine eligibility, contact the Financial Aid Office / (412) 396-6607.