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Dissertation Information

The dissertation must make a substantial contribution to professional knowledge and practice. It should encompass the skills and knowledge that participants have gained from their course work, readings, discussions, and review of the extant literature. Most often, a contribution to knowledge is best made after developing a thorough understanding of an educational issue or practice as a result of reading all of the relevant research literature available, then posing a question to which the answer is not yet known. The candidate should have a passion to understand the issue or practice and to increase others' understanding of it through his or her research.

Dissertation Requirements

It is expected that the student will select a Committee Chair before approaching other prospective committee members. Dissertation committees will be comprised of no fewer than three members and no more than five. The dissertation committee will be determined by mutual decision of the student and the dissertation chair, with the approval of the Program Director. Prospective committee members must possess earned terminal degrees in education, technology or related disciplines. Committees must include at least one additional Department faculty member and at least one of the other committee members must be a full-time member of the Duquesne University School of Education faculty. A relevant and appropriately credentialed practitioner may also be added as the fourth or fifth member with the approval of the dissertation chair. Non-doctoral level individuals cannot serve on a dissertation committee or sign a dissertation; however, they can be a reader.

The dissertation proposal will contain the first three chapters of the dissertation. The dissertation proposal will be prepared as defined by the Graduate Studies Council (GSC). Additional information on dissertation requirements can be found on the Duquesne University website.
The dissertation committee will evaluate the documents presented by the student that represent the completed research dissertation.
The dissertation guidelines and forms are available on the Duquesne University website. The dissertation must be prepared in accordance with policies and procedures posted on this web page.
The author must pay all graduation fees, notify the registrar of intent to graduate, schedule a defense, obtain faculty signatures, and meet deadlines for submission of drafts and final manuscript.
Student is required to submit, at minimum, one hardbound copy of the dissertation for the program office and one for the dissertation chair at their expense. Hard copies can be acquired through UMI/Proquest. Students can request hard or softbound reduced-size copies when they submit electronically.