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Field Based Orientation Experience Guidelines

The graduate PreK-4 program requires each candidate to complete thirty (30) hours of observation in an early childhood(B-PK) and early elementary(K-4) setting. The thirty hours can be completed by participating with one or more sites. This experience needs to be completed during the Introduction to Teaching course. The field will expose the candidate to a variety of settings and teaching methodologies involving young children.The observation sites need to be at NAEYC accredited early childhood sites and elementary schools. The candidate seeking PreK-4 certification must participate in both early childhood settings (infants, toddlers, and preschool) as well as PreK/K-4 settings.

The candidate is expected to be an active participant in the classroom by assisting the teacher and implementing activities (individual, small and whole group).

The candidate is responsible for obtaining PreK-4 Field Based packet. The packet outlines all of the requirements for this one (0) credit experience. All visits must be monitored by signing in at the designated center/schools, and submitting a log with the completed packet information. The logs must identify the age/grade, type of experience, and the name of the cooperating supervisor/teacher.

The report about the experiences must include detailed information describing the experience, curriculum content as it relates to the program/school philosophy of education and how it relates or differs from the state and professional standards. In addition, the candidate needs to demonstrate how the experience relates to the domains and themes of the School of Education.