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Pre-Requisite Checklist

In order to begin the Graduate Secondary Education program, you need to have completed at least half of the prerequisite courses in your content-area with a QPA of 3.0 or higher.

QPA: The following websites may be helpful in calculating your content area QPA:

Content-Area Prerequisite Courses: Complete the “Prerequisite Checklist” Form for your content area.

Have you completed the appropriate prerequisite courses for each content area?

YES: Once you have completed the on-line application, please send your completed Prerequisite Checklist Form to: soeapp@duq.edu as an email attachment or mail to:

School of Education Graduate Office

Duquesne University

600 Forbes Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15282


  1. The Prerequisite Checklist Form is required in to process your application.
  2. The Prerequisite Checklist Form is not binding and does not indicate approval of the identified courses by Duquesne University. All prerequisite courses will be verified using the applicant’s transcript(s) prior to acceptance.

NO: If you do not have the appropriate prerequisites, please do not apply at this time.  Prerequisite content-area courses can be taken at any college or university.