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General Program Documents

GSLTP Conceptual Framework (pdf)

Leading Teacher Program Handbook (pdf)

School of Education Policy on Academic Integrity (doc)

School of Education Graduate Catalog (pdf)

Course Sequence Sheets

Students entering the program Summer/Fall 2013 (doc)

Students entering the program from Fall 2011 to Spring 2013 (doc)

Students entering the program prior from Spring 2011 and before (doc)

Admissions Documents

Pre-Requisite Checklist: Biology (pdf)

Pre-Requisite Checklist: Chemistry (pdf)

Pre-Requisite Checklist: English (pdf)

Pre-Requisite Checklist: Latin (pdf)

Pre-Requisite Checklist: Mathematics (pdf)

Pre-Requisite Checklist: Physics (pdf)

Pre-Requisite Checklist: Social Studies (pdf)

Tuition Discount for Catholic School Teachers (pdf)

Advising Documents

Advanced Standing Form (doc)

Change of Major Form (doc)

Continuous Registration Policy (pdf)

Contract for Incomplete Grade (doc)

Drop-Add Form (pdf)

Application for Independent Study (pdf)

New Student Registration Checklist (doc)

Graduate Advisor Recommendation for Student Teaching (pdf)

Directions for Accessing Your Multipass (doc)

Field Documents

Field Experience Packet (doc)

Gateway Documents

Gateway 1 (doc)

Gateway 2 (doc)

Gateway 3 - TBA

Gateway 4 (doc)

Professional Organizations and Conferences

American Educational Research Association (link)

Pennsylvania Educational Research Association (link)

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (link)

Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics (link)

PA STEM Initiative (link)