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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start the Graduate Middle Level Leading Teacher Program?

Candidates can start in Fall (late August), Spring (January), or Summer (May). For application deadlines and information, contact Graduate Office 412.396.1559.

How long will it take me to complete the program?

There are three semesters in an academic year. Part-time is three credits a semester, and full-time is six or more credits a semester. Depending on whether all required content classes are completed, candidates may, conditional on scheduling, complete all of their coursework in four or five semesters and student teaching in the fifth or sixth semester (student teaching is not available in the summer). Candidates may also take up to six years to complete the program. At the completion of the program, the candidate will have earned a M.S. Ed. and qualified for initial certification in a secondary content area. Applications for certification are available in the Office of Student and Academic Services - 214 Canevin Hall or online (link).

Am I a candidate for the program?

Applicants with a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college/university will be considered for admission to graduate study in the School of Education. General admission is based on an applicant's previous academic record as shown by official transcripts of all previous study. Applicants may be accepted into graduate study with the following conditions:

A minimum overall 3.00 grade point average - or -
A minimum 3.00 GPA on the most recent 48 credits - or -
A minimum of 2.80 overall GPA with qualifying scores on the Praxis PPST examinations (Reading, Writing, Mathematics)
PPST Reading (10710) OR Computerized PPST Reading (5710)

PPST Writing (20720) OR Computerized PPST Writing (5720)

PPST Mathematics (10730) OR Computerized PPST Mathematics (5730)

Additional information can be secured by calling the Graduate Office at 412.396.6091 or sas@duq.edu.

Do I need a GPA of 3.0 before entering the program?

A GPA of 3.0, overall and in your specific content area, is required for PA certification. If your GPA is at least 2.8 and you have passed Praxis 1, we can consider you for admission.

Can I begin in the Summer?

Summer admittance is not encouraged, but is permitted in special circumstances (such as prior educational coursework).

Do I need to complete all of the content prerequisites before beginning the program?

Most advisors require completion of at least half of the content prerequisites with a GPA of at least 3.0. See the "Prerequisite Checklist".

Can I transfer courses from other universities?

All of the content prerequisites can be transferred in from other universities. However, only 6 credits of courses within the Graduate Middle Level Education program can be transferred.

Can I work a full or part-time job throughout my coursework?

Some classes are available in the evening or online; however, a few "blocked" courses are currently only available during the weekday. It is best to contact Dr. Rodriguez to discuss course sequence and class availability.

What about financial aid?

Students should keep in mind that they need to be half time students (six credits) to maintain financial aid requirements. All matters relating to financial aid should be discussed with a financial aid officer at the University 412.396.6607.

What is MultiPass and DORI and how do I use them?

MultiPass is needed for login to DORI (Duquesne On-line Resources and Information). In order to register for classes and access other information and resources, you need to login using MultiPass. If you have not already done so, set up your MultiPass account (link).

DORI (link) is your portal to registration and much more.

How to Register

Adding a Class

Click on the Self-Service Banner tab.
Click on the Student sub-tab.
Click on Registration from the menu.
Click on Select Term, and choose the appropriate semester from the dropdown list.
Click on Add or Drop Classes.
Type in the CRN or click on the Class Search tab from the bottom of the page. Note: A "C" means the course is closed.
Click either the Register bar or the Add to Worksheet bar from the bottom of the page.
Dropping a Class

Click on Self-Service Banner tab.
Click on the Student sub-tab.
Click on Registration from the menu.
Click on Select Term, and choose the appropriate semester from the dropdown list.
Click on Add or Drop Classes.
From the screen which displays your Current Schedule, click the Action dropdown, and choose Web Drop. Note: you must see your Academic Advisor to drop your last class.
Click the Submit Changes bar from the bottom of the screen.
Waitlisting for a Class

If you attempt to register for a closed class section, you will see a Registration Add Error with the status of "Closed- Waitlisted- X".Note: the Waitlist option is still available.
If you want to be added to the Waitlist, highlight "Waitlist" in the Action dropdown, and click on the Submit Changes bar.
If you do not want to be added to the Waitlist, select "None" from the Action dropdown list, and click Submit Changes.

How do I obtain the clearances required for field experience and student teaching?

Visit the Student Teaching website for information about clearances, field experience, and student teaching.

What are the consequences of failing a class in the Graduate Middle Level Education Program?

Failing a class in the Graduate Middle Level Education Program (i.e., any of the classes on the Course Sequence Sheet), will result in dismissal from the program. If a content-area prerequisite course is failed, however, it may be retaken according to the policy of the School of Education and University.

How do I apply for a position as a graduate student assistant?

To apply for a graduate assistantship, check back often at the Graduate Studies Job Postings website.

What if I have other questions that cannot be found on this website?

Additional questions about the program in general should be sent to the advisor for the Graduate Middle Level Leading Teacher Program, who may be contact through the department office 412.396.5569. Questions related to the content of the specific certifications should be directed to the advisor for that area. The department office will also provide the name and contact information for that person.