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Current Student Resources

General Program Documents

Leading Teacher Program Handbook (pdf)

School of Education Policy on Academic Integrity (doc)

School of Education Graduate Catalog (pdf)

Advising Documents

Advanced Standing Form (doc)

Change of Major Form (doc)

Continuous Registration Policy (pdf)

Contract for Incomplete Grade (doc)

Drop-Add Form (pdf)

Application for Independent Study (pdf)

New Student Registration Checklist (doc)

Graduate Advisor Recommendation for Student Teaching (pdf)

Directions for Accessing Your Multipass (doc)

Field Documents

Field Experience Packet (doc)

Professional Organizations and Conferences

American Educational Research Association (link)

Pennsylvania Educational Research Association (link)

PA STEM Initiative (link)

Middle Level (4-8) Certification Requirements

Teacher Education Certification Process (link)

4-8 Praxis Tests
Pennsylvania teacher education program candidates may now register for the 4-8 pedagogy, core and subject matter content tests at www.ets.org. Beginning April 2, 2012, candidates in the 4-8 programs are required to take and successfully pass the 4-8 Praxis tests for Pa. Certification.

The ETS web site has been updated to provide information on 4-8 testing and program services, information, and transactions. Candidates have direct access to components of the 4-8 Praxis Tests, including:
- information about the tests that are available and what test(s) they need to take
- information about registering for a test and scheduling a test session (including test dates and sites)
- information about testing policies and alternative testing arrangements
- test preparation materials, including study guides information about reference materials provided for a test (e.g., a calculator or glossary)
- information about their test results (i.e., score reports)