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About the M.S.Ed Reading and Language Arts Program

Graduate reading and language arts courses meet International Reading Association Standards and encompass Duquesne University themes and domains:


Standard 1: Foundational Knowledge of Dispositions

Standard 2: Instructional Strategies and Curriculum Materials

Standard 3: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Evaluation

Standard 4: Creating a Literature Environment

Standard 5: Professional Development


Diversity, Leadership and Technology


Learning Theory, Curriculum Design, and School Context

Students may qualify for reading specialist and reading supervisor certificates, valid for grades K-12, after completing specific required courses following the basic program.

Graduates of the Reading and Language Arts program will be qualified to fill these IRA specific roles:

- Instruction-The reading specialist supports, supplements, and extends classroom teaching and works collaboratively to implement a quality reading program that is research-based and meets the needs of students.

- Assessment-The reading specialist has specialized knowledge of assessment and diagnosis that is vital for developing, implementing, and evaluating the literacy program in general and in designing instruction for individual students. They can assess the reading strengths and needs of students and provide that information to classroom teachers, parents, and specialized personnel such as psychologists, special educators, or speech teachers in order to prove an effective reading program

- Leadership-The reading specialist provides leadership as a resource to other educators, parents, and the community.

Reading Supervisor

Must complete five years as a reading specialist, a master's degree and 54 credits.